Sour Cream Green Bean Casserole – A Mid-Century Thanksgiving Recipe Re-Run

This recipe is a fantastic alternative if you can’t stand the traditional cream of mushroom soup...

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Wiener Bean Bowl – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

You know that old jingle, the one that goes: “I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener, that is what...

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Barbecue Bean Mold – A Mid-Century Gelatin Test

Let’s see a show of hands: Who out there likes canned baked beans? I have to admit that I do enjoy...

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Coach House Platter – 1971

From the “New Year’s Eve Salads” section of The Beta Sigma Phi Holiday Cookbook, 1971 « Previous Tomato...

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Disgusting Thanksgiving 024

Cheezy Beans and Onions Casserole

Welcome to this week’s Mid-Century Menu!  Since we are doing Mid-Century Christmas here at the...

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Cowboy Beans 006

Cowboy Casserole

So, Hubs and I had an idea the other day.  I have a TON of vintage cookbooks that I have collected...

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