I hope everyone is getting geared up for Halloween! This week we have Halloween parties with weenies, ugly apples and scary food by Kilmore Daily!

 Vtg HALLOWEEN Black Cat MASK Cake Decorations Cupcake Toppers

Cat Cupcake Toppers

Why I Want This: Oh my goodness, there are SO MANY Halloween cupcake toppers on eBay! And I have to admit that I love them all, but these…wow. I really like these. I want to make a lamb cake and use one of these for the face! That would be pretty creepy.

 1972 ad page Karo Halloween boys girls Ugly face apples popcorn balls

Karo Ugly Apples

Why I Want This: Apple Uglies! I would seriously have a great time making these. Also: Look at those kids licking them!

 The Vampire Cookbook Ghoulish Recipes by Kilmore Daily

The Vampire CookbookThe Vampire Cookbook I

Why I Want This: This is just cute all around, and the little thing in the pan has a hilarious look on its face.

 Halloween Recipe Folder For Midnight Cake 20"x4.5" Dated 1942

Midnight Cake

Midnight Cake II

Why I Want This: So, I think what makes this cake spooky, according to the recipe, is that it’s chocolate. And I am okay with that. Halloween and chocolate totally go together.  I think a “spooky” chocolate cake is a great reason to have a Halloween party! Actually, ANY chocolate cake is an excuse to have a party.

 1952 Halloween Party Book~KINGAN'S WIENERS ADV

Weeny-Witch Party Book

Weeny-Witch Party Book II

Weeny-Witch Party Book III

Why I Want This: Frankfurters stuffed with peanuts, cheese and canned green beans. That is way, way, way scarier than that chocolate cake!

More Halloween Goodies!

If you aren’t done looking at Vintage Halloween Madness yet, head on over to my eBay collection to check out some more goodies!

 Retro Ruth's Vintage Halloween Kitchen


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