Salmon Vermouth Casserole, 1977 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we are opening cans, dumping them together, adding vermouth and calling it a casserole! This...

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Salmon Pie – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Have you ever gone to a party and thought, “Gosh, this salad just doesn’t seem festively...

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Olive ‘N Tuna Super Supper – A Mid-Century Lenten Recipe Test

Mmm…mmm! This week, we are making tuna casserole! This is Olive ‘N Tuna Super Supper, and this is...

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Golden Tuna Shortcake – A Mid-Century Lenten Recipe Test

This week we are having tuna! Tuna covered with Velveeta. Mmmm…mmm! Tom’s favorite. This is Golden...

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Crab Cobbler – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Who would like a nice, steaming bowl of cobbler? Crab cobbler, that is! I was actually excited to test...

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Salmon Shortcake – 1954

  From Campbell’s Ad in Better Homes & Gardens, 1954 « Previous Sour...

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Basic Main Course Salad – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tuna in gelatin? I haven’t? Well, I hate it. Hate! So when Stephanie...

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Chilled Lobster Souffle With Sherry Aspic – 1967

From Good Housekeeping Cooking For Company, 1967 « Previous Bacon Muffins –...

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Deviled String Beans and Tuna – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

This week I dug into the archive specifically looking for a recipe that looked like it was going to be...

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