Frosted Cranberry Squares, 1965 – Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Test

It’s the final countdown to turkey time, so Tom and I decided to break out some vintage recipes to...

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Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie – A Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Re-Run

This is it!! It’s the biggest eating season of the year! After we finish off all the Halloween candy...

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No-Fry Doughnuts, 1976 – A Mid-Century Halloween Recipe Test

Happy Halloween! This week we are celebrating with one of the most traditional of mid-century Halloween...

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Velvet Hammer, 1977 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Who wants a lovely after-dinner drink? This is the Velvet Hammer! Print Velvet Hammer Author: 1977,...

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Plum-Raspberry Jam, 1959– A Vintage Preserve Recipe Test

Hey all! This is just going to be a short post this week. I’ve had several request from readers to...

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Labor Day Barbecue Menu – Tested Vintage and Retro Recipes From Mid-Century Menu

Ahh, Labor Day, where everything is last minute. Last minute back-to-school shopping. Last minute gardening....

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Ginger Gaff, 1977 – Vintage Cocktail Friday Re-Run

Need a nice, refreshing drink for these long, hot end-of-summer days? Try this! Seriously, try it. It...

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Potato Salad Gelatin Mold – A Mid-Century Salad For Your Labor Day Party!

I posted this hilariously delicious concoction last year in preparation for Labor Day, so I thought I...

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Maple Leaf, 1940 – Vintage Cocktail Friday Re-Run

Hey gang! Can you believe that Vintage Cocktail Friday is already over a year old?  Where does the time...

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