Chocolate Topping Pie, 1952 – Vintage Pie July

This week we have another fun pie for Pie July! This is Chocolate Topping Pie! 5.0 from 3 reviews...

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Chocolate Cream Squares, 1974 – A Vintage Chocolate Recipe Test

So, this year I was really happy that everyone was so enthusiastic about the 2014 Lamb Cake Gallery,...

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Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie – A Vintage Halloween Recipe Test

Well, since tomorrow is Halloween we thought we would do things up right around here and make a recipe...

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Concord Grape Pie With Crumb Topping – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

It’s grape season here in Michigan, and this year I decided to take some of our bounty and make a grape...

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Apple Cider Upside-Down Cake From The Archives–Again!

I think I run this post every year, but this cake is seriously that good and we make it all the time!...

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Potato Salad Gelatin Mold – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

I hope everyone is looking forward to Labor Day! I know I am. And it preparation for all the cookouts...

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Basic Main Course Salad – A Mid-Century Gelatin Recipe Test

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tuna in gelatin? I haven’t? Well, I hate it. Hate! So when Stephanie...

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Sea Breeze Salad – A Mid-Century Gelatin Test

This week we have a gelatin that is decidedly NOT gross. Sea Breeze Salad! This thing is basically jelled...

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Candied Crackers – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

When I first saw this recipe in a newspaper clipping from the 1950’s, I was terrified it was going...

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