I hope everyone had a great holiday! Also…it’s 2019. Jeez, 2018 was a blur. IMG_1982

Anyway, I had some grand plans for NYE and was going to do a whole mid-century spread, but…life. Kids. You know how it is. So I ended up just arranging store-bought food to make it look fancy.  IMG_1985

So, I’m pretending this week is about “glamorizing” food, which was a huge mid-century trend. You know, open a few cans, add some sprigs of garnish and call it good?


You aren’t buying it? Well, neither did Tom. But he still took these pictures, so at least he was pretending. Or maybe he was just sucking up so he could eat a whole plate of shrimp.IMG_2007

But Alex was into it. And I think everyone, including Tom, liked breaking out the fancy dishes.


Speaking of Alex, here is her gingerbread house! It was a kit, but still. Glamorizing! IMG_2026 The only thing close to actual cooking I did was helping my Mom make Stollen for my Dad. So at least it was a relaxing holiday!

How about you guys? Did you throw a huge party, or just plate some cut cheese on a fancy platter and call it good? I want to hear about it!