Do you want to impress your vintage-loving significant other this Valentine’s Day? Then I have the perfect menu for you! And the great news is, these have already been tested and approved by Tom, so you know that they are good.  And even if you aren’t in the mood to make a meatloaf wrapped in a piecrust, at least check out the Cherry Chews and the Brandied Coffolate. They are both fantastic!

Un-Wealthy Wellington


So, this recipe was originally tested for a Vincent Price Halloween Cook-Along, but this ended up being really good. Besides, one of the other testers made a dish with beef heart in it, so it’s kind of Valentine’s Day themed. Right? Right?

The Verdict: Delish

From The Tasting Notes:

Actually pretty good. The meatloaf itself was greasy, and ours was greasy even though it exploded a bit and some of the grease drained off. But the grease went to good use and made the pie crust extra delicious (think vintage-McDonald’s-beef-tallow-french-fries delicious). You couldn’t really tell that the crust was a pre-rolled pie crust from a box. The bitters gave the meatloaf an interesting taste – and for some reason it ended up tasting a bit like pate, which was good. However, the bitters taste stuck with us for hours after dinner as a strange aftertaste. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if we would have had another zippy bloody mary to round everything off.

Frozen Valentine Rounds


The Verdict: It’s A Salad

From The Tasting Notes:

Despite the glorious looks of this thing, it is totally a salad and not a dessert. Non-descript rounds were probably the way to go with this thing. It tasted thick and rich, like lemon and whipped cream and mayonnaise, if that makes any sense. Not bad, but not overly sweet. Would be a great, edible showstopper salad for a mid-century dinner party.

Chocolate Cherry Chews With Cherry Chip Frosting


The Verdict: Awesome!

From The Tasting Notes:

Almost like fudge in flavor and consistency. Very rich and delicious! Easy to make and they stay moist. The Cherry Chip Frosting is a good match.

Brandied Coffolate


The Verdict: Amazing

From The Tasting Notes –

This is going to be our go-to holiday drink for….oh, I don’t know….forever. Tastes like an alcoholic mocha. Very strong chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee and brandy. The whipped cream is a delicious and essential addition, so don’t forget to add it!