It is a fun one this week! We have syrup bottle insanity, seductive wine manners, marshmallow fluff sandwiches and drunken gelatin!

 Vintage Mrs. Butterworths Crafts and Recipe Calendar

Mrs. Butterworths

Mrs. Butterworths II

Mrs. Butterworths III

Mrs. Butterworths IV

Why I Want This: What is this. What. Is. This. Was this a trend that I missed? I know this calendar is from 1983, which is a little bit out of the usual range but I had to include it. Because this is insane. I love it. The bride and groom! I can hardly stand it. That does not look like a man. It looks like the bearded lady. The urge to buy this one is huge. HUGE!

 "Conversation-piece Recipes", Ruth Vendley Neumann,1962

Coversation-worthy Recipes

Conversation Recipes

Why I Want This: This just has “complete disaster” written all over it. Enchanting recipes from cans, huh? That ham thing just sounds like a bunch of alcohol poured over a canned ham. The recipes in here sound like they would just be pure gold.

 Vintage 1954 Flako Recipe Album

Flako Recipe Album

Flako Recipe Album II

Why I Want This: I might not care about the recipes in this one because DID YOU SEE THAT KITCHEN? Holy cats. That oven.

 Vintage Nebraska 1967 Centennial First Ladies' Cookbook

Nebraska First Ladies Cookbook

Nebraska First Ladies Cookbook II

Why I Want This: One of the great things about gelatin salads is that sometimes you have no idea what is in them. The top layer of that thing looks like it has carrots or pineapple in it, but what’s on the bottom layer? It could be strawberries. It could be deviled ham. It could be melted ice cream or olive mousse. You just have no idea.


Cookbook Lot

Cookbook Lot II

Why I Want This: All three of these look like winners to me. Especially the last one. I could always use an excuse to party. And I love the “Beach Party Lemonade Recipe”. Pretty fancy name for spiked frozen lemonade.

 vintage Widmer's Wine Cellar, Naples NY Wine Manners Wine Cookery

Wine Manners

Why I Want This: That is a seriously seductive look for a book about wine. Especially about wine manners. It makes me really wonder about what is in this book. Maybe pointers on how to give come-hither looks from over a wine glass?

 Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Vintage 1948 The Standard BARTENDER'S GUIDE

The Standard Bartenders Guide

The Standard Bartenders Guide II

Why I Want This: When a book is this stained, you know it has to be good!


Vintage Cocktail Glasses

Vintage Cocktail Glasses II

Why I Want This: These glasses are AWESOME!

 Vtg 1970s Trav-L-Bar Portable Alcohol Bar

Travel Bar

Travel Bar II

Why I Want This: Who doesn’t need a travel bar? Seriously. This would be so much more fun to lug around than my make-up bag!

 Vintage 1940s The Yummy Recipes w/ Durkee Mower's Marshmallow Fluff

The New Yummy Book

The New Yummy Book II

Why I Want This: And entire tray of marshmallow fluff sandwiches? Yeah, I’ll take that, thanks.

 Cooking Bold and Fearless: A Cook Book For Men

Cooking Bold and Fearless

Why I Want This: A cookbook for men, huh? Sounds like gold to me!

 Heublein Brandy Liquor Knox Gelatine gelatin DESSERTS

High Spirited Desserts

High Spirited Desserts II

High Spirited Desserts III

Why I Want This: First off, I love it when sellers scan the whole pamphlet. Also, a whole bunch of alchoholic gelatin recipes? Heck yes!

Oh, and for those of you who are always wondering what I end up buying, I thought I would give you a little treat:

Hostess Cookbook

This lovely book is now mine! That pudding-filled-Twinkie Towers is totally in our future. Very, very soon.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s craziness! If you need more eBay goodies, be sure to check out the post on my other blog. As for me, I am off to stock up on snack cakes!

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