So many great, fun cookbooks this week! Pull up a chair and let’s get to it because we have some great recipes and books to show you, including hollowed out bread filled with peas, “pizza” made with buns and ketchup, terrifying clown cake, really pointy gelatin and flaming hot dog kebabs!

 Vtg 1953 7up Recipe Booklet "Fresh Up," Familiar Foods & Party Treats

7up pamphlet

7up pamphlet II

7up pamphlet III

Why I Want This: Who doesn’t want to drink 7up in milk? And that 7up cake is a serious temptation.

 Vintage Marlboro Trail Recipe Book 1974

Marlboro Country

Marlboro Country II

Why I Want This: I have to admit, the format of this cookbook is pretty cool!

 Vintage Recipe Magic Using Heinz Stained And Junior Foods

Recipe Magic With Junior Foods

Recipe Magic With Junior Foods II

Why I Want This: I think Alex has coasted by for long enough now. She’s going to be 4 months old, soon, and is high time she started tasting mid-century recipes!

 VTG Fondue Set Gourmet International UNUSED

Fondue Set

Why I Want This: Those plates!

 Vintage 1932 H J Heinz Thrifty New Recipe Tips for Baked Beans

Thrifty New Tips

Thrifty New Tips II

Why I Want This: Bermuda Onions Stuffed with Beans. Why not?

 Vintage 1955 Ticonderoga Christmas Club Chicken Recipe Booklet

Favorite Chicken Dishes

Favorite Chicken Dishes II

Favorite Chicken Dishes III

Why I Want This: The Tested Recipe Institute does it again with this cookbook. They have to have some of the BEST mid-century food photography. Also, Hot Chicken Salad Tarts? Who doesn’t want those?

 Vintage Community Local Club Recipe Book

Community Cookbook

Community Cookbook II

Community Cookbook III

Why I Want This: This cookbook has so many things going for it! It’s a community cookbook, it has crazy gelatin recipes in it, (Beet Borscht Mold, anyone?) AND the cover is vintage wallpaper. It’s pretty much win-win.

 Lot of 5 Vintage Knox Gelatine Booklets

Knox Pamphlets

Knox Pamphlets II

Why I Want This: I want to make that Rainbow Fruit Pie so BAD!

 1949 Vintage BREAST-O-CHICKEN Tuna Recipes Cook Book

Breast O Chicken

Breast O Chicken II

Why I Want This: Tuna. Planked. Steak.

 Vintage 1957 Cookbook Cook Book Knox Gelatine Company Recipes

Good Looking Cooking

Why I Want This: I would LOVE to read what gelatin advice is in this cookbook!

 Vintage 1960s KRAFT CHEESE Advertising Dairy Recipe Booklet

Kraft Cheese

Why I Want This: I have to find out if there is Velveeta in those Tortoni. Have to.

 Absolutely SwEEt Vintage Recipe Box + recipes Plastic microwave Rogers Micromeal

Microwave Recipes

Microwave Recipes II

Why I Want This: I have really been thinking about starting an 80’s cooking blog. I think I am going to call it, “I Ate The 80’s”. What do you guys think? It would pretty much be all microwave cooking all the time. Also, my life won’t be complete until I microwave dates and bacon together.


Fisherman's Loaf

Why I Want This: Wait. You can just hollow out a loaf of bread and fill it with creamed peas and that passes for dinner? Why didn’t I know this until just now?

 Carefree Cooking by Mary Lee Taylor – Vintage Recipe Booklet

Carefree Cooking

Carefree Cooking II

Why I Want This: Ketchup and evaporated milk on buns is so not even close to pizza. And I REALLY want to try it.


Kraft Miniature Marshmallows

Kraft Miniature Marshmallows II

Why I Want This: Marshmallow Melba!!!


For Variety Cook With Soup

Why I Want This: I just love the pictures they chose for the front of this cookbook. Who EVER thought that was appetizing? It makes me want this so much. I mean, if that is the best…

 Vtg 1952 Ad Print Carnation Milk Can Pie Plate "Recipe"

Carnation Milk Pie

Why I Want This: “Not Possible With Any Other Form Of Milk”, huh? It sounds like a challenge to me!

 Vintage 1947 Foreign Recipes for American Kitchens

Foreign Recipes

Why I Want This: A foreign cooking book from Topeka, Kansas. This thing has to be a gold mine!


Clown Cake Pan

Clown Cake Pan II

Why I Want This: Even the examples are terrifying beyond words.

 Vintage Gulden's Prepared Mustard cookbook "Recipes for a Happy Marriage"

Recipes For A Happy Marriage

Recipes For A Happy Marriage II

Why I Want This: It doesn’t look like mustard is saving that marriage. She looks like she is going to whack him in the back of the head with that fork. Also, when is canned spaghetti improved by mustard? Tablespoons of mustard?

 Vintage 1939 Just Cocktails Bar Recipe Book Wooden Front / Back Cover

Just Cocktails

Just Cocktails II

Just Cocktails III

Why I Want This: This are such fantastic cocktail books! I have the 1941 version, and I want this one so bad!

 Magical Desserts with Whip'n Chill

Magical Desserts With Whip n Chill

Magical Desserts With Whip n Chill II

Why I Want This: Every time I think I’ve seen all the gelatin mold shapes ever, something new pops up. Look at that spiral!

 Vintage 1950 to 1960 The Weaver Chicken Hot Dog Recipe

Weaver Chicken Hot Dog Cookbook

Weaver Chicken Hot Dog Cookbook II

Weaver Chicken Hot Dog Cookbook IV

Weaver Chicken Hot Dog Cookbook III

Why I Want This: I think I need to find out if chicken hot dogs really make good lasagna. The flaming hot dog kebobs would just be a bonus.

Whew! Thanks for hold out until the end, guys. There was some total craziness today, not to mention creepiness. I am still thinking about those clown cakes. *shiver*

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