Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! I know I am, because I’ve got some great cookbook and cooking finds for you today, including a link to a whole huge list of cookbook picks at the end of this post. So get excited, because this week we have fantastic cookie cutters, amazing gelatin molds, psychedelic bake sales, a Barbie dream kitchen and “food for boys that girls like”!

 101 Ways to a Man's Heart Prize Winning Recipes E-Z Bake Flour

101 Ways to A Man's Heart

101 Ways to A Man's Heart II

Why I Want This: What I seriously want is that kitchen!!! Do you think it would be too weird to have two kitchens in your house? I suppose I could pretend one is for a mother-in-law suite or something. And if this cookbook is as good as it claims, I should have no problem forcing Tom to do my bidding after I feed him mountains of donuts and a giant coconut cake!

 Vintage LOT of 3 1970's Drink Mixer Recipe Booklets


Champale II

Why I Want This: I don’t even have enough words to describe how much I want that Champale pamphlet!! And that slogan! It’s like nothing else you ever tasted…oh, except champagne. Gotta love afterthoughts in advertising.

Homer: Someday I will buy you a real castle.

Marge: Oh Homer, you do not have to do that!

Homer: Oh! Whew, that is a relief! You know Marge, looking at you I see the beauty of Princess Lea and the wisdom of Yoda.

Marge: Homer, maybe it is the Champale talking, but I think you are pretty sexy yourself.

 Pet Milk Recipe Booklet Cookbook Specialities of the House 1960 Vintage

Specialties of the House

Specialties of the House II

Why I Want This: There is just something about vintage food photography that makes me want certain cookbooks. The front of this cookbook just…speaks to me. Maybe it’s the jaunty toothpicks in those meatballs. Maybe it is the chicken casserole. I don’t know, I just want it.


Bordens Cheese Spreads

Bordens Cheese Spreads II

Why I Want This: Soooo….either that gingerbread/cake is made with cheese spread or it has cheese spread on top of it. Either way, I want it.

 Vintage 1961 "Food for Boys" Cute Girls Host Teen Party Kraft Recipe Print Ad

Food for the boys that girls like

Why I Want This: Who doesn’t want this?? And those Count-Down Brownies actually look really good!


Party Grill

Party Grill II

Why I Want This: How ridiculous is it to want an appliance manual for an appliance I don’t have? And yet….

 Vintage 1969 Kraft "Psychedelic Bake Sale" Fun Colorful Recipe 60's

Psychedelic Bake Sale

Why I Want This: Ummm…yes to all of this. Just…yes.


Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen II

Dream Kitchen III

Dream Kitchen IV

Why I Want This: Forget Barbie. This is MY dream kitchen!

 Vintage Betsy McCall Cookie Cutter w/Betsy Cookie Recipe

Betsy McCall Cookie Cutter

 Vintage Political Campaign Cookie Cutter Republican Elephant w/ Nixon recipe

Campaign Cookie Cutter

Campaign Cookie Cutter II

Why I Want This: Two great cookie cutters! I am not sure what I would like more, little chocolate Betsy McCalls with Pat Nixon’s recipe or Mamie Eisenhower elephants!


Cat Gelatin Mold

Why I Want This: Grumpy cat gelatin mold!

 Vintage Oval Copper Mold

Spiral Gelatin Mold

Why I Want This: Are you kidding me??? I could make such wicked gelatins with this thing. The mind boggles.


Knudsen Recipes

Knudsen Recipes II

Why I Want This: That curry rice ring cracks me up. Cracks. Me. UP!

Also, thanks to Pam at Retro Renovation, I figured out a fun way to show you guys even more cookbooks! The Saturday posts will still be filled with great cookbook finds, but from now on I am going to feature at the end my eBay “Wish List” which has just been turned into a gallery of cookbook awesomeness. Click here to see a gallery of over 150 more vintage cookbook and kitchen kitsch picks by yours truly:

 Vintage Cookbook Gallery!

Gallery Capture

How fun is that!?! And if you are still jonesing for even more kitsch, check out the eBay picks on my other blog, No Pattern Required!

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