Wow! Did you guys send me the stuff!! I can’t believe some of the recipes that came in for the gelatin contest. And, unbelievably, I’ve even made some weirder stuff this week than I did last week.


The name of the game this week: “Things Aren’t What They Seem.” Tom’s normal question of “What’s in this?” has taken on a note of panic that I’ve really never heard before. Everything  is suspect.  And I mean EVERYTHING.

Does this look like dessert?

Nope! It’s full of fish!

Is this pineapple?

Nope! It’s cheese!

Is this full of whip cream?


You know what? You don’t even want to know the answer to that one.  Let’s just say it has gelatin in it, and leave it at that.


But it hasn’t all been a horrible game of tricking my husband into eating American cheese. No, there have been some wonders as well. In fact, I am pretty sure we have our clear winners for the Best portion of the contest and at least one of the final three for the Worst (It was wonderfully terrible). And many, many choices for Tom’s pick.

So hang in there, guys! If all goes as planned and I don’t spontaneously develop an allergy to bad gelatins (if only), next week we will be announcing some winners!