Oh, Holy Cow! I am very, very excited about this contest. We got in about 50 entries (!) this time and competition is fierce!

The entries have really been all over the map on this one.  It has been so much fun so far that I just had to share some teaser pictures with you guys.  And, as always, if you recognize your entry – don’t blurt it out what it is in the comments! I want to keep the submissions a surprise until the end.


It really has been all over the map.  I thought at first I would just be making a thousand molded salads, but I haven’t.  In addition to being able to exercise my many, many copper molds, I’ve also been making pies, cakes, sandwiches (I know, right?) and green salads covered in chunks of stuff.

Or have I said too much?


Anyway, you get no explanations for these pictures. You just have to use your imagination. And then use it more. More.

A little more.


Okay, now maybe you will be able to see about a 10th of the weird stuff I’ve had to make.


But it hasn’t all been bad. Some of it’s been good. Some of it looked bad but then tasted good. Some of it looked bad, then looked good, then bad again. And then tasted like a really big mistake.

And we aren’t even halfway through!


So, hopefully these pictures will hold you over until next week, when you will probably get more teaser pictures. Exciting, huh?

Did I mention I am making a LOT of gelatin dishes? Yeah. It’s a lot.

I mean, a LOT a lot.


A lot.