I think it’s about time for another contest, don’t you???

Yeah. I think it’s about that time.

And the theme of this contest???




Jell-O. Knox. The jiggly stuff. The good stuff.  The stuff that glued our childhoods together. The stuff that held bits of fruit and even (ulp!) veggies in suspended animation.  The thing that no holiday table is complete without.

“It’s made from hooves, you know.” – Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

Tom and I want to see  what is out there, faithful readers! We want to see what recipes you have hidden in drawers and stashed away in your heads. Send us the goods, and you could win some of these goods:


A fabulous “Galactique” brooch from our fab friends at The CRAVEyard!

crashpaddesigns placemats

Four lovely mid-mod print placemats from our friend and sponsor Renee from Crash Pad Designs!


A set of four gorgeous flared mugs from the Mikasa Duplex line, designed by Ben Seibel!


A vintage Taylor Smith Taylor carafe.  (A really underappreciated design, I think!)


And, of course, scads of vintage cookbooks, which will be given out willy-nilly!


*Disclaimer – Overly curious black cat not included in prizes!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in the following categories:

Worst Gelatin Dish

– A Grand Prize Winner and Two runner-ups!

Best Gelatin Dish

– A Grand Prize Winner and One runner up!

Tom’s Favorite

– One winner who gets a super-secret prize chosen by Tom!

I know, I know. The excitement is almost too much for you! I totally understand. But wait before you dash off to send us an email, cause you have to read the rules!

Ye Olde Rules:

1. Entries for the contest can be sent to ruth@midcenturymenu.com or ruth@nopatternrequired.com. If you leave an entry in the comments somewhere or on Facebook, please be warned that they may be forgotten or accidently passed over. Hey, I’m only human.

2. Entries MUST contain gelatin in some form. It doesn’t necessarily have to be molded in a shape, but the gelatin needs to be there. So send us everything you have, because creative uses of gelatin are awesome!

3. Only pre-1980’s recipes will be accepted. Modern gelatin dishes are wonderful, but not for this contest!

4. Please only send in recipes from your personal collection or your family’s collection. The recipes can come from your memory, from cookbooks, from vintage advertising, scraps of paper or from your mother or grandmother, but please don’t submit recipes you find on Flickr or Pinterest or image searches that don’t belong to you.

5. Multiple entries from the same person will be accepted, but all of the entries may not be tested. If you submit multiple recipes, please be sure to indicate which you feel is your preferred one for testing. It will make it easier for me and Tom that way. We can’t test EVERYTHING! (Even though we want to.)

6. Entries will be accepted from April 11th to April 25th at midnight EST.

So, that’s it! Let the gelatin-madness commence! Tom and I are excited to see what you’ve got!

*Real Disclaimer – The Galactique brooches were provided at no cost to me by The CRAVEyard and the placemats were provided with no cost to me by Crash Pad Designs!