Here it is, the lamb cake from Day 3!

The recipe for the lamb was sent to me by J. Albin, and the frosting recipe was sent to me by Mrs. Selerke:


As you can see, we were a little impatient to try this one.  Tom started gnawing on it’s rear before I could even get the picture taken!


Okay, okay. That’s not true. I started gnawing on it’s rear.


Okay, okay, okay. The real truth is that I had some visitors to who wanted to watch me make lamb cake (“What on earth are you doing?) and I cut the lamb a little early to give them a taste.


But I digress.

I received this recipe from Mr. Albin, who emailed me probably an hour after the WSJ article came out. I was so excited to receive a recipe, and also really intrigued because the recipe contained no extra leavening agent, just a lot of eggs. Mr. Albin wrote:

Hi: My wife has been making this recipe for over 40 years. Follow the directions to a “T” and you will not fail. Give it a try…

Well, I have good news for you and your wife, Mr. Albin…


I did NOT fail. So you were right!!


I was very pleased!

And Tom was pleased to stuff cake into his face. In the name of science, of course.


From the lamb testing notes:

Good. Strong almond flavor, which is tasty. Cake is dense, crumbly and dry.

From the frosting notes:

Sugary. More like a glaze than frosting. Not that great.

The Verdict: The cake was good and easy to make, but a little dry in our opinion. I think that if the last 15 mins of baking were left off, it would really improve the texture of the cake. The frosting was good if you have a lamb that isn’t too sugary and need a punch of sweetness in the form of a glaze.

Small Disclaimer:

As with everything we make on the Menu, The Eight Days of Lamb cakes contain recipes for lamb cakes that turned out along with the ones that didn’t turn out so well. Please read each description carefully before choosing your recipe. The recipes we tested were not altered by us in any way, and were prepared according the the directions provided with no substitutions so we could judge each recipe fairly on its own merit.

If you have never made a lamb cake before, please see my tips on making a vintage lamb cake before you attempt one of these recipes. Also, these recipes are scaled to fit a vintage lamb cake pan. Modern lamb cake pans are much larger, and more cake batter will be needed.