Welcome to Day 4 of our 8 Eight Days of lamb cakes!  I hope you guys are enjoying the tested recipes!  Today we have a great one, which was sent to us by Natalie Pope.


Cute, huh? Natalie writes:

Ms. Clark:
I saw the article in today’s WSJ. I have been making this lamb cake successfully for 25 years, as my mother and grandmother did for many years before me. Attached is the recipe, it makes 2 lamb cakes.
Natalie Pope


This batter was time consuming to make, but it tasted soooo good. Not, you know, that I eat cake batter straight out of the bowl or anything. Cause that would just be silly. Especially after how much I go on about not using raw egg whites in food.


It baked up well, but depanning was a little difficult.


And don’t forget, like me, that the recipe is for two lambs! But if you do forget it makes about a dozen extra cupcakes that are very yummy.


See?? Good texture!

Oh, and the frosting for this recipe came from Martha K.’s mega stash of cake mold recipes. It is a recipe from the Animold Cake Mold pamphlet put out by M.G. Merz Aluminum Foundry, and the recipe is called “Frosting for Animold Bunny Cake.”


From the lamb cake testing notes:

Very good. Buttery flavor, dense but moist. Good texture with an almost caramel flavor.

From the frosting testing notes:

Good taste, but frosting was a little gritty.  Was very melty – do not make in hot weather!

The Verdict:  Excellent cake. This one was a very good cake with a pound-cake texture. It was easily Tom’s favorite, and the only cake that he ate right down to the ears. Thanks so much, Natalie and the rest of the Pope family! The frosting was good, but not our favorite. And it was very runny in hot weather.

NOTE: I prefer using this frosting with it!

Creamy Whipped Frosting (aka High Humidity Buttercream)

From Mail Box News from Maid of Scandinavia

1 1/2 cups high ratio shortening (available through mail order) or regular shortening

2 T dry Dream Whip Powder

1 T Vanilla

3-4 T unsifted flour

2/3-3/4 cup milk (lesser amount in hot weather)

2 lbs confectioner’s sugar

Blend shortening, Dream Whip Powder and flavoring in large bowl. Beat until light and fluffy like stiff whipped cream. Then add flour, milk and confectioner’s sugar. Beat until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use.

*UPDATE – This recipe was made by Jenny over at Jenny’s Jaunts, Jottings and Junk, and she and her family loved it! It was also made by Lynn over at Fidlstix, and turned out so cute![amd-zlrecipe-recipe:9]