More gelatin this week! This recipe is another gem from our Gelatin Contest which was submitted by Mary G. I was very excited when I saw this recipe come in, because not only is it strange-sounding, but it also contains American cheese, Tom’s least favorite food in the whole world!


Mary G writes:

Hi Ruth!

I saw your contest on your blog and immediately set to my pile of lovely vintage cookbooks to find you a great one!

This comes from Marye Dahnke’s Salad Book (1954), which has a whole chapter on molded salads – which she describes as follows: "When ‘company’s coming for dinner,’ a shimmering mold is the salad to serve. It’s a way of entertaining graciously well within the average family’s budget." How right I hope she is!

Enjoy! 🙂


Well, while this mold was slightly disappointing in the shimmer department, it totally impressed me in other ways.


I got to add curry powder, mustard AND Tabasco to the base. Which is unusual.


I also got to add a ton of shredded American cheese. Which was also unique.


Unfortunately, my individual molds already had another contest entry gelling in them, so I had to use a ring mold.


But I still think it ended up quite fetching. Another great surprise was how the American cheese MELTED in the mold and ended up looking like leeches hanging out on the side.



Not that leech-cheese ever stopped Tom.

Tom TastingIMG_9715

“Oh man.”

“Bad, huh?”

“It’s edible. But it needs something else.”

“It’s supposed to be served with lettuce and French dressing.”

“That is NOT what it needs.”

The Verdict: Edible

From the Tasting Notes:

Not terrible. Edible, just really strange. The cheese in the mold went all melty and weird, which made for an unpleasant texture overall. The color ended up a faint green, which was also unappetizing. Generally bland with an American cheese aftertaste. Not horrible, but it ain’t good.