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Golden Tuna Shortcake – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-run

I know that Lent is over, but I was digging around in the archives recently and came across this bad...

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Christmas Sandwich, 1972 – A Mid-Century Holiday Recipe Test

December is here and Christmas is coming up fast, so I thought I would make a little something to get...

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Frankfurters in Crust – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I wouldn’t have wanted to be in on the brainstorming session for this recipe. Coming up with the...

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Barbecue Gelatin Cheese Cracker Pie – A Vintage Pie July Recipe Re-Run

I hope you guys are loving Vintage Pie July! I have been looking over things in the archives and chuckling,...

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Rice Pie with Meat Crust, 1953 – Vintage Pie July!

I hope you guys are enjoying Vintage Pie July, because I am having a great time doing this. Who knew...

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Corned-Beef Pie – Vintage Pie July – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Today we have another pie for Pie July! I swear it’s pie. You can’t call something “corned-beef...

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Tuna Sandwich Bake, 1967 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Who is ready for a disgusting-looking sandwich?? This ugly little guy is Tuna Sandwich Bake. 1.0...

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Pizza Loaf – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Have you been getting “husbandly complaints about cold lunches” recently? Treat the man...

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Chicken Pineapple Treats – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Most of the time, we do our retro recipes as a household. Even when I do the cooking and Buzz does the...

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