Sausage Corn Bread Supper – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

By Erica According to the advertisement, this is going to be a “man-pleasin’ main dish.” And...

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Bacon Big Boys – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Hey there! Are you ready for some BACON? Meet the Bacon Big Boy! The minute I saw this recipe in a Better...

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Sausage Apple Noodle Casserole – The Church Lady Casserole Challenge

Tom and I can never say “no” to a food challenge.  If you dare us to eat that chocolate-covered...

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Cheese & Ham Casserole – A Retro Recipe Test

So, if you are anything like me, you have about eight pounds of leftover Easter Ham in your fridge or...

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Pork Cake – A Mid-Century Menu Christmas Recipe Test

Well. So. Yeah. This is a little awkward. I suppose I should clear the air. Just confess what I’ve...

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Pork Sausage Ring

“If desired, fill center of ring with scrambled eggs.” From The Best Of Festive Foods, 1965 « Previous Tuna...

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Polish Delight–A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Tom and I just got back from a trip to see his sister graduate from medical school (go Maggie!). The...

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HB Casserole 050

Ham-Banana Casserole

Hoooweee. We really pulled out all the stops this week on the Mid-Century Menu. I can’t wait until...

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A Heinz Feast With Toledo Ham, Spicy Vegetable Casserole and Pink Peach Sundae

Holy Cow!!! We have a ketchup-covered whopper of a Mid-Century Menu for you guys today. Gah. This weekend...

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