Corn Pie, 1963 – Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week I decided that everyone needed some pie. But because this is Mid-Century Menu, the pie is mostly...

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Quick Turkey Pie – Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Guest Test

If your family is anything like mine, there’s always some leftovers. But turkey sandwiches are...

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Salmon Vermouth Casserole, 1977 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we are opening cans, dumping them together, adding vermouth and calling it a casserole! This...

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Asparagus Casserole – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Casseroles can be comfort food: warm, full of calories, and plenty of tasty ingredients that play well...

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Chicken Cornetti – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

A mid-century recipe is just slightly more fun with a strange name. This, for example, looks like “insane...

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Turkey Loaf With Pepperidge Farm Stuffing – 1959

Print Turkey Loaf With Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Author: Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, 1959 ...

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Sausage Apple Noodle Casserole – The Church Lady Casserole Challenge

Tom and I can never say “no” to a food challenge.  If you dare us to eat that chocolate-covered...

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Tuna Casserole With Potato Chips – 1960

From Prize-Winning Recipes Starring Potato Chips, 1960 « Previous Carrot and...

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Checkerboard Bake with Kraft Dinner and Spam – A Retro Recipe Test

Did you know that it has been over a year since I made a SPAM dish for this blog?? I know, I know. Shameful. But...

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