Spicy Party Waffles, 1963 – A Vintage Recipe Test Re-Run

I pulled this week’s recipe from the archives because ’tis the season for yummy fruit here...

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Party Pancakes, 1959 – A Vintage Recipe Test

It’s time for pancakes! And since Alex asked really nicely, this week we are going to have a pancake...

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No-Fry Doughnuts, 1976 – A Mid-Century Halloween Recipe Test

Happy Halloween! This week we are celebrating with one of the most traditional of mid-century Halloween...

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Spicy Party Waffles, 1963 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week we were in the mood for waffles! Print Spicy Party Waffles Author: Better Homes...

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Wham Spam Pie – A Vintage Recipe Test

So, this is a Spam pie. A Wham Spam Pie. Which might be the best name for a recipe pretty much ever. Yeah,...

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Bacon Muffins – A Mid-Century Church Cookbook Recipe Test

It’s bacon muffin time! This week we are cooking out of a lovely little book called The Queen’s Book,...

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Banana Doughnuts – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

Hello all!!! I am super-hungry for doughnuts this week, so I thought I would dig into the archives and...

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Christmas Morning Tree – 1968

Missing text says “refrigerated orange rolls.” From Christmas Recipes Consumer’s Power, 1968 Merry...

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Sweet Milk Doughnuts – Too Good Tuesdays

For a festive touch, dip warm doughnuts into warm glaze, then in chopped nuts or sugar-peel mixture....

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