Welcome to Vintage Kitchen Kitsch! This week we have ice cream clowns, fancy international drinks and cats that lay around with desserts.

 1973 Vintage McCall's Great American Recipe Card Collection and Storage Box

McCalls Recipe Collection

Why I Want This: My mom had this collection when I was growing up, and it sadly was lost when their house flooded a few years ago. I remember that creepy little clown ice cream cone! I always begged my mom to make it.

 Vintage 1958 COOKINDEX Recipes & Box Card File Old Fashioned Recipe Index Cards

Cook Index II

Cook Index

Why I Need This: This is one of my holy grail cooking items that I haven’t yet added to my collection! The photos in this thing are amazing, and I want it so bad.

 VINTAGE 2 IN 1 International Recipe card Collection for mixed drinks/horsDoeuvre

International Mixed Drink

International Mixed Drink II

Why I Want This: I actually have this already, but I felt like I would be remiss if I didn’t include it for you guys! This gets a workout all the time at our house, and the drinks in here are really good!


Coke Recipe Cards II

Coke Recipe Cards

Why I Want This: I actually think these are really cute, and I have to admit one of my cooking goals in life is to make one of those little cake trains!

 VINTAGE 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Card with two-toned green box

Betty Crocker

Why I Want This: A classic! I only have a partial set, so a full set is on my list!

 Vintage A Cookbook Card – Cats by Koren Trygg Greeting Card w/ recipes 1987

Purrfectly Scrumptious

Purrfectly Scrumptious II

Purrfectly Scrumptious III

Why I Want This:  I just…yeah. They’re cats. And there on the recipe cards. Laying next to the desserts. I know this is from 1987 and kind of out of the normal timeframe, but these are just amazing and I had to include them!

So, that’s if for this week! If you want to check out some more vintage kitchen finds, you can take a look at my collections on eBay where I have a lot more finds:


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