Cookie time is almost here, so this week I decided to celebrate a great vintage kitchen tool, the cookie press or cookie gun. Even though Mirro is the most recognizable of all the cookie presses, there were many different companies that made their own presses for making spritz cookies, cake decorating and even canape making. Let’s check it out!

 Vintage 16 Pc Mirro Aluminum Cooky Pastry Press

Mirro Cookie Press II

Cookie Rating: A classic. A version of this cookie press could at one time be found in almost every kitchen in America!

 Vintage Mirro Dial-A-Cookie Cookie Press

Mirro Dial a Press

Mirro Dial A Cookie

Cookie Rating: Innovative. One of the biggest pains of making spritz cookies was having to change the disks on the cookie press. This gun tried to eliminate this by have the disk rotate to a different design.

 Vintage Trig-A-Matic Cookie Chef Pastry Gun

Trig A Matic IITrig A Matic

Cooking Rating: My favorite. Even though the Mirro is the more classic choice, this is the vintage cookie gun I use every year. It is much neater than the Mirro press, as one “shot” of this cookie gun deposits a perfect little cookie on your cookie sheet.

 VTG Nordic Ware Cookie King Press Spritz Gun

Cookie King

Cookie Rating: Extra-Large! The barrel on this cookie press seems enormous! The cookie plates also look interesting, look at that little snowman plate!

 Vintage Smart Set Icing Cake Decorator Cookie Maker

Cake Decorator

Cake Decorator II

Cookie Rating: Fun. It would be awesome to decorate a gelatin mold with this thing!

 Electric Party Pistol Cookie Canape Candy Maker

Party Pistol

Party Pistol II

Cookie Rating: Nostalgic! This is the cookie press we used growing up. This thing was hardcore! Once it started the cookies did not stop coming out. My mom would say, “Okay, go!” and we would be standing by with cookie sheets and my sister would switch them out as fast as my mom could fill them. It was awesome. The best plate was always the Christmas tree. Our favorite cookie was a green tinted Christmas tree covered with sprinkles. The. Best.

So, what about you guys? Did you make spritz growing up? Are you making any this year?

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