Whoa. It was a good week for kitchen kitsch! Grab some coffee and strap in, because this week we have crazy gelatin, bunches and bunches of bananas, and finding love 50 ways with Manwich.

 Davis Dainty Dishes Cookbook 1941 Vintage Gelatine Recipes Book

Davis Danties

Why I Want This: Oh my god. That gelatin mold. I am pretty sure that is canned asparagus on the side (though it may be pickles) and those are either onions or cloves of garlic on the top. Either way, I am IN!

 50 FAMOUS MANWICH RECIPES cookbook 1971

50 Ways With Manwich

50 Ways With Manwich III

50 Ways With Manwich II

Why I Want This: What the what? 50? They really thought of 50 ways to make sloppy joes? Well, I suppose. That girl on the cover looks like she would have no problem thinking of many ways to use a can of sauce to get into a man’s heart.


 Vintage Cookbook The American Family Cook Book 1955

American Family Cookbook

American Family Cookbook II

Why I Want This: How adorable is this cookbook? Plus, I LOVE the juxtaposition of a glistening gelatin and a super fatty roast.

 1949 Vintage downright delicious sun maid raisin Recipe Booklet

Downright Delicious

Downright Delicious II

Downright Delicious III

Why I Want This: Little known fact: I actually hate raisins. So why do I want this? I might hate them a little less in a Puffed Raisin Pie. Or in a hearty loaf of Breakfast Mush. (!)


 Old Vintage 1947 CHIQUITA BANANA Recipes Booklet

Chiquita Banana Cookbook

Chiquita Banana Cookbook II

Chiquita Banana Cookbook III

Why I Want This: The green sauce! The gelatinous green sauce!

 Vintage 1956 TEMPTING BANANA RECIPES Cook Booklet

Tempting Banana Recipes

Tempting Banana Recipes II

Why I Want This: I want to find out if anyone is EVER tempted by bananas on top of tomatoes.

 Vintage Bananas how to serve them Recipe Booklet

Bananas How To Serve Them

Bananas How To Serve Them II

Bananas How To Serve Them III

Why I Want This: Banana. Mixed. Grill.

 Vintage Bananas take a bow Recipe Booklet

Bananas Take A Bow

Bananas Take A Bow II

Banana Take A Bow III

Why I Want This: I want to place that Banana Pineapple Round thing in front of Tom and just…see what he says. Plus, I’ve heard those Banana Scallops are TERRIBLE.


Drink Tray

Drink Tray III

Why I Want This: Drinks for Vintage Cocktail Friday deserve to be served on this tray!


Fireside Cookbook

Fireside Cookbook II

Fireside Cookbook III

Fireside Cookbook IV

Why I Want This: James Beard’s Cookbook? Oh yeah, I WANT this.


Foods Men Like

Foods Men Like II

Why I Want This: I need to know what kind of pie astronauts prefer!

 TRADER VIC'S Pacific Island Cookbook 1968

Trader Vics Cookbook

Trader Vics Cookbook II

Why I Want This: Tiki Time!


Cook Book Rack II

Cook Book Rack

Why I Want This: Sure, I have a serviceable stainless steel cookbook holder, but this one would be awesome. Comparing the two is like asking whether you want a bran muffin or three layer pink cake with icing roses.

 Vintage Sunkist Lemons bring out the Flavor Booklet

Sunkist Lemons III

Sunkist Lemons II

Sunkist Lemons

Why I Want This: Making my own lemon gelatin would be fun. And then adding cottage cheese to it and ruining it would be even more fun.

 1938 Vintage Cranberries Recipes how to cook them Booklet

Eatmoor Cranberries

Eatmoor Cranberries II

Eatmoor Cranberries III

Why I Want This: Cranberry. Omelet. Also, when did cranberries have to pretend to be cherries?

 Vintage 22 best fresh Cranberry Recipes Ocean spray Booklet

22 Best Fresh Cranberry Recipes

22 Best Fresh Cranberry Recipes II

Why I Want This: That Cranberry Cream Dessert Salad and those Kitchen Cookies look really good. Plus, there is the Pineapple Cottage Cheese Mold!

 VTG Advertising Cookbook – 44 Wonderful Ways to Use PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese

44 Wonderful Ways

44 Wonderful Ways II

44 Wonderful Ways III

44 Wonderful Ways IV

44 Wonderful Ways V

Why I Want This: Did you see those gelatins? Plus the frosted sandwich loaf? Love. It.

 VTG Cookbook – Pillsbury's Best BUTTER COOKIE COOKBOOK Vol II

Butter Cookies II

Butter Cookies

Why I Want This: Bowlegged gingerbread men? Why didn’t I think of that?

 1955 "Easy Livin' Paper Napkin Recipes

Easy Livin Paper Napkins

Why I Want This: Mushed-up canned meatballs on hot dog buns. Sounds like my kind of sandwich!

Whew…thanks for sticking with me, guys. This was a long one! As a treat, why don’t you guys go make yourself a nice Cranberry Omelet or some Banana Scallops. Yum! And if you don’t want the kitschy fun to end, head over to my other blog to check out some more picks.

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