Orange Peach Freeze, 1952 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

This week our drink is going to be a bit different. It isn’t going to have any alcohol! This is Orange-Peach...

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Sparkling Red Rouser,1967 – A Vintage Recipe Test

This week – because I was bored – I decided to test out a recipe that mixes canned tomato sauce with...

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Clam-Juice Cocktail, 1971 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

This week we used clam juice to make a drink. This is Clam-Juice Cocktail! 3.0 from 1 reviews ...

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Nightmare, 1978 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

This week we have a scary cocktail. Behold, the Nightmare! It looks a lot scarier in the picture. Ours...

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El Presidente, 1940 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Who is ready for a cocktail? This week we are making El Presidente from The Host’s Handbook, which...

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Smirnoff White Fizz, 1971 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Happy Vintage Cocktail Friday! This week we are diving headfirst into shallow waters with a great book...

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Dusty Grasshopper, 1978 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Sometimes Friday rolls around and you want to make a drink, but you don’t have the right liquor. And...

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Café Kirsch, 1973 – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Happy Friday! This week we are mixing up a coffee drink, mostly because Tom had some extra coffee lying...

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Millionaire Punch – Vintage Cocktail Friday

Anybody feeling wealthy today? Then how about some Millionaire Punch? This recipe is from the fantastic...

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