Oh, people. This is so exciting! I have had a flurry of entries for the Annual Lamb Cake Contest, and they are so adorable! It is NOT too late to send in a submission. The deadline is May 1st, so feel free to make a cake right now and send it in. Heck, send in a couple! Make cake and give it to your neighbors (as long as you are virus-free) or your family. Lamb cakes are a fun way to keep your kids busy, too.

This beautiful lady is from Deborah Rieth, and I am loving the eyelashes and the little mask! Unsurprisingly, many of the lambs this year sport masks of some variety, some made of fabric, some of frosting, and some of….other things. Candy wrappers, orange peels, I’m pretty sure a piece of fruit leather. So, the lamb is pretty much like us in that respect.

Julia Cort’s lambie sports a jaunty candy wrapper mask.

I have also been receiving some great bunny cakes as well. In fact, there have been lots and lots of fun Easter cake variations.

Some unfrosted lambs, like this gorgeous one from Sabine Trapp.

And cereal treat lambs, like this super cutie from Stephanie P.

In fact, there have been so many fun lambs and because we are bored out of our skulls with nothing else to do, the lovely ladies from Mid-Century Supper Club Potluck and I decided to add lots of fun categories to the contest so we can give out the maximum amount of prizes. Such as:

1. Reader’s Choice

Inspired by the Mid-Century Supper Club Potluck, we are going to give you all a chance to vote for your favorite lamby!

2. Bunny Cake

We got so many cute Bunny cakes this year, we decided that they deserved their own award.

3. Kids Cake

If your kids decorated your cake, let me know!

4. Make Do Cake

Did you not use your regular flour in your cake? No butter? Out of coconut?  Let us know!

5. Not Cake

Did you make yours out of cereal treats? Meatloaf? Banana Bread?  Make sure to tell us!

And I am sure that we will make up some more prizes as we go along.

So send in your cake pictures, and feel free to make more cakes and send those pictures in, too. The deadline isn’t until May 1st at Midnight, so cook us up something interesting. Let’s give everyone something to look forward to!