It has been over a year of work, but I am super, super excited to announce that the new website redesign is finally live!


Come on over and click around for a while, I am sure you will find something fun.  In fact, I am excited to bring you possibly the most fun part of the new redesign:

A Dedicated Recipe Section!!


It is a searchable database of vintage recipes that were featured in the posts and some extras from my collection. I am truly out of space to store loose recipes, so the idea was born to digitize them! I scan and type up recipes over here, add them to the archive, and purge my massive clipped and loose recipe collection!

Once you are in the recipe section, it is a blast to navigate around in it. You can scroll down to see the newly added recipes. OR You can use the bar at the top to search for titles, ingredients or tested recipes. This has been very useful for me during testing. I just put in some ingredients that I have in the fridge and see what pops up. You can even search for cooking methods!

Another way to browse is to click on the gray “Browse” button on the upper left. This will give you a drop-down list of Categories, Ingredients and Cooking Methods to choose from.

browse recipes

You can also sign up for a Free Membership!

Another fun addition to the site is the ability for you, my favorite readers, to have personal membership accounts for the site! This is where you can store your favorite recipes from the archive or even add your own family recipes to the archive!

First, go to my happy cartoon face and click on me:

Register top

Once you are on the registration page, you can put in your information in the boxes. If you ever lose or forget your password, there is an easy password retrieval feature on the My Account Page where you log in.


Now that your account is set up, you can save your favorite recipes to your recipe box.


To “favorite” a recipe, click the little heart in the corner. To see your favorite recipes, go into My Account and go to the “My Favorites” tab.

Add A Recipe

You can also contribute vintage recipes to the archive!  If your family has a favorite, or if you are looking for a way to keep your vintage recipe box searchable and at your fingertips, you can easily add your recipe to the archive.

Please note, recipes contributed are checked for dates.  The date range for Mid-Century Menu is 1900 to 1980.

To add your recipe, click on the Add A Recipe Tab in your account.

add a recipe

This lovely form will pop up, and you just fill it out.  Titles are mandatory, images are not. However, images are preferred! Even if it is just a picture of a handwritten recipe card, it is better than nothing!

Feel free to do a description if you want, it isn’t necessary. Then you can add your ingredients:

And then your directions:

You have the options in directions to add step photos if you want a tutorial-style recipe page.

And then submit your recipe!

After that, I will go through your recipe to make sure it has the proper keywords and categories, and then it will be approved and added to the recipes! Easy Peasy.

So that is the new site! I am so glad that the year and a half of work has ended up in such a fun outcome, and I hope you find it fun, too. Thank you so much for all of your support and views. Without all of you, none of this would be possible!