This is so exciting! Welcome to the Reader’s Lamb Cake (ish) Gallery for 2020!!! This year has been a weird and unpredictable ride for everyone, but I am happy to say that this year we had the most lamb cake entries ever! We had 124 submissions this year, which I absolutely love. Thank you so much for everyone who sent in a lamb cake, made their friends send in a lamb cake, or took a picture of their kid’s lamb cake on the sly and sent it in without telling them. It is so fun to share traditions year after year!

And thank you to everyone who sent in a cake that didn’t rise properly, that they didn’t have all the right ingredients for, or that wasn’t a traditional lamb cake. I personally am a perfectionist, and showing people my perceived failures is always very difficult for me, so I salute you! In this crazy time, we all need reminders that not everything has to be perfect, and not every lamb cake needs to have a head. Or…a body. Or be made of cake.

Lastly, thank you to the wonderful ladies from Mid-Century Supper Club, who co-chaired the contest with me this year, and who inspired the idea to have a Reader’s Choice prize(s)! It was my pleasure to share all this lamby goodness with you girls!

As I mentioned above, this year we are giving out tons of prizes for a variety of categories, so I have listed out all pertinent information in the captions. I hope. If I miss anything important about your lamb, please put it in the comments!

At the end of the gallery, there is an optional voting survey for you to fill out to help choose the Reader’s Choice Winners! Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family, so they can admire the lovely creations and vote as well! Voting is open until Tuesday, May 12th.

All winners will be announced next week! So stay tuned!

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