Whew! This has been a huge contest, and it was an absolute blast!!! I’m going to be a total knob, and thank everyone before I announce the winners. Thank you to everyone who sent in a lamb cake, a non-lamb cake, and especially those that sent in a fail. Thank you to the followers on Facebook and Instagram, who spread the word about the contest. Thank you for the readers who voted. And thank you most of all to Karen and Jennye from Mid-Century Supper Club who helped me judge and kept me on schedule.

If you missed the Reader’s Gallery, you can see the post here to see all the submissions. And because I love you readers so much, let’s start with the winners you chose!

Reader’s Choice Winner:

Heather Stratton

Heather Stratton Williams – : Baa Baa Black Sheep

Congrats, Heather! You received the most votes in the reader’s choice voting for your chocolately cake that doubled as a birthday cake for your son!

From The Voting:

I liked the high-gloss of Heather Stratton Williams’ dark lamb – looked beautiful with the fruit
Entire presentation is fabulous!
I love the addition of fruit to make it a “healthy cake” and the blank eyed stare into space
The black sheep’s coat! Heather Stratton Williams

Reader’s Choice Runner Up #1:

Jeanie Tweedy

Jeanie Tweedy – Anyhoo, here is my lamb cake. The best I’ve ever made. I didn’t use sticks inside, I used ganache on the head and body, before piping “mystery/magic” frosting on it. The flowers are fondant.

From The Voting:
Jeanie Tweedy did an amazing job! I love the details and how clean it is.

The fondant flowers on Jeanie Tweedys lamb!

Reader’s Choice Runner Up #2:

Cheryl Wright

Cheryl Wright

From The Voting:

Cheryl Wright made the loveliest frosting! Her lamb looks soft and fluffy, and has the sweetest face! Not to mention being delicious chocolate!
the cute little face cheryl wright

Reader’s Choice Best Detail:

Jenny Wehrt

Jenny Wehrt

From The Voting:

Jenny Wehrt The jelly beans and the ode to midcentury feel and look is spot on!

Reader’s Choice Non-Cake Lamb:

Kristina Ramos

Kristina Ramos – jello lamb dessert

From The Voting:

Kristina Ramos – way to bring in the favorite culinary go-to of the mid-century menu!

Reader’s Choice Non-Lamb Entry:

Virginia Fox

Virginia Fox

From The Voting:

The Pink Bunny!!! Adorable!!
There are tons of new categories that are award winners this year, but I thought I would do a random drawing winner, just for old times sake. After all, random winners got us through the first eight years of this contest!

Random Drawing Winner:

Iris Henry!

Iris Henry

And now, the judged lamb prizes! This was especially difficult for me because I see a lamb cake and get all mushy-headed. Which is why I brought it some help to judge from the ladies of the Mid-Century Supper Club!

Jennye’s Top Lamb Pick:

Karrin Herrick

Karin Herrick – Delias x Fernet Candyland Lamb

Karen’s Top Lamb Pick:

Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis

And, of course, I can’t forget myself and Tom.

Tom’s Top Lamb Pick:

Kim Silva

Kim Silva

“Why did you pick this one?”

“It’s hilarious. Plus, I love gummy worms with cake. Oh, and I also want the one with fangs.”

“You can’t pick two.”

“Yes, I can. I eat all the crap for this blog, I get to pick two.”

Ellen Watson

Ellen Watson – Since we couldn’t have our usual party the plan was to cut up the cake and drop off a few “parts” to a couple of our families. My cousin said she just wanted the head. I sent her a photo and then she said she couldn’t possible eat it because it was so cute. So I changed it’s appearance before bringing it to her. Meet “evil lamb.”

Ruth’s Top Pick:

Lisa Boyce

Lisa Boyce – No Wool, But He Has A Sweater

What can I say?  This little naked lamby stole my heart from the moment I saw him. Plus, I love his cardigan.

Kid’s Cake Winner:

Rebecca Nunn’s Son

Rebecca Nunn -We tried the golden nun cake this year (Our namesake 😂) I made a tiny mask for her and my son Alex frosted ❤️

Best Bunny Cake:

April Wood

April Wood

I don’t think a cake can be more bunny than this cake.

Best Substitution Cake:

Dee Harrington’s “Turkey”

Dee Harrington – I got the Coronavirus and was in bed nearly 3 weeks, and forgot to order a lamb pan 🤷‍♀️ Been waiting two weeks now for pan from Amazon, not sure it’ll show up in time! So I used a turkey!! 😆 It’s made out of Rice Krispie treats.

We totally agreed that this deserved an award. Plus, that’s a darn good turkey.

Best Non-Cake Entry:

Ardith Johnston

Ardith Johnston – peanut butter cereal bars and made it a tiger as an excuse to pipe chocolate on it. Also, I had 0 chocolate chips so I MADE chocolate out of cocoa and vegan white chocolate and whatever I panic-added to make it fidget.

Best Detail:

DixieDoll Mary

Dixiedoll Mary – From My House Is Cuter Than Yours – My lamb cake’s innards aren’t too special, a prefab cake mix and icing, but it’s fur facade is Crunch n’ Munch

I think we can all agree that this is the best use of Crunch n’ Munch ever.

And now, for what you have all been waiting for!!!



Lena Dansdill – NURSE LAMBY

Lena had the whole package this year and is a good representation of all the wonderful tribute lambs that we received thanking our front line workers. (Thank you to everyone who sent in a tribute!) And we had LOTS of comments in the voting about how wonderful this lamb is. On top of that, Lena sent in a second lamb that was also a voter’s favorite.

Lena Dansdill II – LAMBYCHELLA

Between the two of these gorgeous girls, Lena stole the show!!!

Well, so ends another wonderful, fulfilling year of lamb cakes. Thank you so much to everyone who entered a lamb and supported this contest. You have all really filled up my bucket with rainbows, and I hope some of those rainbows spilled out on to each and every one of you.


Please email me your snail mail address at ruth@midcenturymenu.com.  Prizes should start going out this weekend, but please give them extra, extra time to arrive. Our mail is only being picked up every other day here, and I am sure it is like that in many other places. 


This is your last chance for this year to buy some lamb cake merch before I put it away until next year!!!! So make sure you head over to the shop to get your adorable lamby gear.