Who wants a cocktail? It has a whole, raw egg in it! IMG_7657 This is Port Wine Flip! IMG_7643

Port Wine Flip
Author: Here’s How, 1941
  • 1 fresh egg (or one pasteurized in the shell egg)
  • 1 tsp powdered sugar
  • 1 jigger port wine
  • 1 jigger cream
  1. Shake well with cracked ice until foamy. Strain into flip glass and grate some nutmeg on top.

So, in doing some research to find out what the heck a “flip” is, I found out that there actually used to be special flip glasses that a flip would be served in. It was kind of a short tumbler with a flared mouth. But since we didn’t have an official flip glass, we had to make do with William Henry Harrison.  Which is just fine with us. Another thing I found out is that this is a dessert drink, which is good because as I was mixing this I kept thinking to myself, “You know, this seems a lot like ice cream. I bet if I put this in the churner it would be great port ice cream.” IMG_7661 IMG_7668 “Why does this taste like melted ice cream?” “I knew it! I knew it would taste like ice cream. I knew it.” “Yeah, but…why?” “There’s cream in it. And a whole egg.” “What?!!” “Don’t worry, it’s pasteurized.”

The Verdict: Melted Ice Cream

From the Tasting Notes –

This would make a fantastic ice cream recipe. However, as a drink it was a little unsettling. The egg gave it a really odd mouth feel. Not bad in any way, just not what you would expect as a cocktail. But it would be good as a dessert or after dinner drink, especially if served with chocolate. Or, you could just make it into ice cream, and have a hot fudge sundae with port ice cream. Which sounds amazing.