Wow. I just…wow.

That’s really all I have to say about the next finalist. In my opinion, this is really the epitome of a bad gelatin salad. Is it possible to have a perfect worst gelatin salad? Do you say it’s “perfectly terrible”? Or that is the “perfect food storm”?

All I know is that this recipe was a pip.

And by “pip” I mean it was terrible.


Meet Pineapple Olive Salad. This jiggly abomination was sent to us by Angela, who writes:

Hello Ruth!

I have attached some photos from two of my grandmother’s old cookbooks that contain my entries for the gelatin contest. I could not choose between the two, so I’m leaving that up to you.
The first cookbook is entitled, "Maude’s Cook Book, 1939" and was compiled by The Council of Lincoln Terrace Christian Church in Oklahoma in 1939. The recipe I’ve chosen from this cookbook is called, "Pineapple and Olive Salad."

Happy Cooking!

pineapple olive Salad

You know, the one good thing you can say about this salad is that it never pretends to be something it’s not. It’s pineapple and olives encased in lemon Jell-O. It’s not fancy, or really edible in any way you can imagine, but at least it’s easy to make.


Well, I guess there are two good things, because I also got to use a mold that I’ve had forever and have always wanted to make a little fun gelatin design in it. 


Even if the design consisted of olives and lemon Jell-O.

Not so bad, right? Hey, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever made.

At least there are no tongues in it.



So gross.


Only slightly less gross when unmolded. And the design mostly worked!!

Not, of course, that it makes it taste any better.


The look of complete disgust.

From the tasting notes:

Lemon. Olive. Pineapple. And it tastes like it.

Sweet, disgusting. Makes me want to gag. Gross in it’s simplicity.

The Verdict: Terrible.

Thank you, Angela, for sending us this horrible gelatin. 

See? I told you it was a pip.

And by “pip” I mean, able to bring out Tom’s disgusted face.

Good job, Angela. Good job.