Sweet Endings001

Welcome to this week’s Mid-Century Menu!  This week we are delving into an area we haven’t played in much in the Mid-Century Menu: Desserts. Not pies or cakes, but Jello-based desserts.  Mostly the Jello here is filled with onions and celery, and hardly ever turns into anything even remotely dessert-like. 

Well, today we are going to turn it all around with Sweet Endings From Dream Whip Whipped Topping Mix, which was published in 1974.

And yes, they DO still make Dream Whip.  My mom didn’t believe me when I told her.

“No! They still make Dream Whip?”



“Yes, Mom.”



Sweet Endings is actually filled with a bunch of good ideas, and surprisingly NOTHING disgusting. I was shocked. They even had the recipe for Dream Cake (which is just adding Dream Whip to cake mix, but hey, who’s complaining?) that you can still find, unchanged, on packages of Dream Whip today.

“No! They still make Dream Whip today?”


Sweet Endings002

Sweet Endings003

See?? Not totally disgusting.  It is even kinda cute! In a Slimer kind of way…


I don’t know what to do with myself. Normally by now the whole recipe has taken a one-way trip down the crapper.

Instead, we have graham cracker crust!


Dream Whip, all whipped.




After a few minutes, I gave up trying to “fold” the Dream Whip and cream cheese mixture together.  It just wasn’t working.  So, I broke out a whisk and gave it a quick whirl. It didn’t deflate much at all, so I recommend using a whisk to combine if you make this!



Wow…looking pretty good!  Not Slimer-like at all!

See, I knew I had the hang of this mid-century cooking thing.  I mean, Jello and I, we are like THISCLOSE after all that we have been through.  I mean it.  Really.


Ohhhhhhh…that’s not right. Not right at all.

See, this is what I get for being cocky.


It turns out that semi-liquid Jello is scared by the light, and will hide underneath cream cheese layers if they are available.

Or, I am just a terrible cook, who needs to abide by the Jello Good Taste Rules.

Rule #1: Never put onions in Jello

Rule #2: Semi-thickened Jello does not equal thickened Jello.

Rule #3: Never put onions in Jello

Well, there isn’t onions in it.  At least I got that right.


“Whatever, it looks fine. You know I’ll eat it anyway.”


My hero.



That blur is Tom making an “A-Ok” sign with his hand.


The Verdict: Good.  If I wasn’t an idiot, it would have turned out prettier.  But it didn’t affect the taste.  The cream cheese/Dream Whip layer and the graham cracker crust were, of course, very good.  Jello layer and pineapple with the cream cheese layer was ok, but if I was going to make this again, I would just skip the pineapple and cover the whole thing with cherry pie filling. Mmmm…maybe I would even leave the Jello out all together…


“They still make Dream Whip?”