Pillsbury's Bake Off 21001

You know, I spend a lot of time thinking about food.  I mean, mostly it’s bad food, but no matter how bad it is, it is still food.

A lot of other people think about food, too. In fact, many people are obsessed with it.  I mean, look at “food porn” . What in God’s name is that? Well, mostly it’s when people talk about great photos of multi-layered gooey chocolate cakes or wet-looking roasted chickens in mixed company. Sometimes it is when a Food Network star takes a bite of something and they go into convulsions and their eyes roll up into the back of their head. Which I think is supposed to be a good thing. Or something. Apparently food porn is supposed to be really, really good.

So, if that is food porn, what is the stuff that I make?  “Food Scorn”?  What is the opposite of food porn?  Your whole family (including grandparents) around the supper table sawing away at a dried up husk of a pork roast? How about food like “Fried Peas & Lettuce.” Or “Cheese-Frankfurter Loaf?”

Those all sound pretty unappetizing. Very Un-Porn. (Wait, maybe that is the word for the MCMenu!)

So, what happens when I make something on the MCMenu such as, oh I don’t know, Peanutty-Chocolate Tunnel Cake??  Something that might actually be good?

Peanutty-Chocolate Tunnel Cake001

Huh. Maybe the universe will explode.

Wait for it…..


Nah. Guess we are okay.

Anyway, this week’s recipe is once again from the Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbook from 1970. Because I LOVE those crazy Bake-Off books!

Peanutty-Chocolate Tunnel Cake001






Who wants to shove their face into this bowl of sugar?


Yeah. That would be me.




So, I realized AFTER I put this layer in that I probably shouldn’t have spread it around so much.  I think I kind of lost the tunnel effect and it just became a layer.


The tunnel’s burst! Quick Lassie, get Pa!




Eh. That’s still a pretty respectable tunnel.


I don’t think this tasting was as fun for Tom.  It didn’t have the same element of “danger” as our normal meals.



But it turns out the cake was good enough to lunge at it.




“This is good cake.”

The Verdict: Yummy.  The vanilla part of the cake was very good, and tasted vaguely like a sugar cookie.  It had a great texture. The peanut butter layer was also good, it was fudgy and very moist.  The only complaint I had was that the vanilla part really didn’t go that well with the “tunnel”.  If I was going to make it again, I would make it all vanilla, and serve it with strawberries or mix the chocolate in with the whole cake and make it allllllllllll fudgy. But still a good cake.

And yes, it was good with ice cream. Just like Mrs. Lane promised.

Do you have a fun or horrible recipe for the Mid-Century Menu?  Send us your recipe and if we use it on the blog, you get a vintage cookbook!