Sometimes, when something is really good or when something comes together just right or you have an epiphany, you say that you can hear the angels singing. I’ve always wondered: If something is really, really bad, can you hear the choir in Hell singing? Does Hell even have a choir? Do they even sing? Well, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that there is a choir of devils whose job it is to sing when things are really, really wrong, and when you look at this picture, you can hear the lonely song coming from that hellish choir.


And when they are finished singing, they will probably have to eat it.

Pickle. Olive. Jell-O.

This recipe is from Victoria, who submitted it during our Gelatin Contest last year. Victoria writes:

My Grandma, Agnes, (1888-1973) made this for Xmas when my Mom was growing up:

Package of green jello (Lime)

Green stuffed olives, sliced

Sweet Gherkin pickles, sliced

Make the jello according to package directions, mix in the olives and sweet pickles, pour into loaf pan, chill til set.

Grandma made this for the red and green-ness for Christmas! It actually doesn’t taste that bad..my Mom still makes it..


Tom peered over my shoulder the entire time I made this.


“So, is this all that’s going in it?”


“Just pickles.”


“And olives.”


“And that green Jell-O”

“You got it.”

“Oh, I got it, all right.”


“At least it’s pretty, right?”

”That slice of gelatin is NOT pretty.”


“What is that smell?”

“What smell?”

“The smell coming off of this thing. It smells like my grandparents’ basement.”

“You big baby. Just eat it!”

Tom TastingIMG_0320

“I’m pretty sure it tastes like their basement, too.”


“Actually, no. It’s not that bad. It’s just sort of…shocking. It’s a really strange combination. Tastes very 1950’s.”

The Verdict: Very 1950’s

From The Tasting Notes:

A really unusual flavor combination, but not terrible. It would pair well with cigarettes or maybe a nice pipe.

Seriously though, despite the looks of this thing, it didn’t really taste all that bad. Not something I would like to eat everyday, but definitely edible!

Thanks, Victoria!