We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you: MEAT!

Meat from Miss Marwood, to be exact. 🙂  I just received this heroic Mid-Century Menu recreation of the All-In-One Meat-Loaf Ring, so I thought I would share with all of you, so we could all bask in her bravery.  Miss Marwood writes:

Yum! The hyphenated-meatring-with-cascading-peas was delicious! My other half wholeheartedly agreed.

I quickly took a picture before it went in the oven, as I wasn’t sure it would not all go terribly wrong.

And it sort of did, it did not come out of the bundt-cake form without force, although it did stick together well, considering there was only one egg! Seems I do need a copper-ring! 🙂
I puzzled it back together and hid the seams under tomato-sauce. That was homemade and probably seasoned way too much for a MC-dinner. I was really pleased with the large amount of veg in the ring, perfect for my 2-year-old. (I am ever so tempted to recreate one of your spam-dinners, but fear too much for her little arteries, haha)
We had it with oven roasted potatoes and chiccoree-salad with yoghurt dressing. Really nice! I will definitly do this again, but will probably stick it in a loaftin.
Thanks for the pics, Miss Marwood, and we all commend your bravery!  I am glad the ring turned out as well for you as it did for us. And by the way, love your tablecloth, toaster and dishes! Awesome.
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