Merry Christmas early, everyone!!!  We are getting ready for a great holiday, so I thought I would give you all a treat this week.  I know how much everyone likes my husband Tom’s reactions to the first bite of the Mid-Century Menu, so I thought I would put together a best of Tom post as a present for all you loyal readers.

So….drum roll please…

I present to you, The Best of Tom. 

(The Best of Tom is best when veiwed with “I Would Do Anything For Love”  by Meatloaf playing in the background)


Auction, Meat Pie & Taco 081

Enjoying Meat-Crusted Corn Pie

Potato & Divinity 036

Eating Divinity Fudge and Potato Candy


Wolfing down Spamcakes

Pierogi Fest & Hawaiian Frankcabobs 061

Munching on Hawaiian Frankabobs.

Auction 030

Struggling to eat Sky High Braunschweiger Towers.

Grapelade Cake 076

Loving Grapelade Cake.

Antique Show and Jellied Eggs 100

Gagging on Jellied Stuffed Eggs.

Sardine Rice Eggs 043

Puzzled over Stuffed Eggs on Rice.

Pineapple Hammettes 756

Choking down Pineapple Hamettes.

Chevron Bake 039

Puzzled over Chevron Rice Bake.

Noodle Ring 047

Angry at the Noodle Ring with Creamed Chicken.

And last, but not least…


Dressing up as some sort of…spaceman to cover some tile in our laundry room.

Love you, hon, and thanks for being such a good sport!  We all appreciate you being the brave one, and trying the first bites for love and for the Mid-Century Menu.