It’s my favorite time of the year! Time to bust out the lamb cake pans and see what you guys and gals (and your lambs!) are made of.


(Last year’s coffee-flavored Man’s Cake Lamb Cake!)

Send me your 2018 Lamb Cake photos so I can post them here on the blog for everyone to see AND to be entered in a random drawing! There will be four winners. Each winner will get two vintage cookbooks, a “Bunny Cake” scented candle from Yankee Candle AND one lucky winner will be the Grand Prize Winner, and will also get a really excellent bunny cake pan from Nordicware! (Contest Closed and Winner Announced!)


I found that pan 8 months ago at my local Marshalls store, and I’ve been hoarding it ever since so I could give it away to a lamb cake winner!

For motivation, here is one of the winners from last year:


This is the lamb submitted by JDW. Isn’t she adorable?

And now THE RULES:

Deadline for photo submission is April 9th, 2018 at midnight Eastern Time. A picture of your lamb should be messaged to me through the Mid-Century Menu Facebook page or emailed to ruth@midcenturymenu.com . (Just tagging on social media accounts doesn’t count). I will acknowledge receipt of your submission with my private email or with a Facebook message. Anything lamb-shaped is accepted as an entry for the giveaway (Cake, bread, rice krispie treat, popcorn, butter). Other Easter cakes and desserts are accepted for the reader gallery, but only lambs qualify for the giveaway. There will be one big winner and three other winners that will be chosen with a random drawing. You can send in as many lamb cake photos from this year as you want (if you make multiple cakes) for the gallery, but you will be entered into the drawing one time, to make it fair. Good Luck!

So, here we go!

Start here with a tutorial:

And then pick a cake:

The Chocolate Pound Cake Lamb was a bit sweet, but it was moist and dense and unmolded well.

Tom’s favorite lamb cake:

The Pope Family Lamb cake has a caramel and butter flavor and is dense but moist. It also has a great pound cake texture!

My favorite lambie:

The Renalde Lamb Cake is light and fluffy, with a great bouncy texture and good flavor. I love it!

If you need some decorating inspiration, you can check out the previous Reader Galleries from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 .

Also, feel free to ask any questions below in the comments, send me an email ( ruth@midcenturymenu.com ) at any time or message me through our Facebook page if you are having trouble with your lamb cake and I will try my best to help you out. And I am sure other readers will also be able to pitch in as well. I usually try to answer questions as quickly as I can up until Easter day, so if you have a question on Saturday at midnight feel free to ask, because chances are you will get an answer.

Good luck and have lots and lots of fun!