Just a head’s up for anyone interested in listening to me yammer on and on about vintage cooking: There is a rather lengthy interview with me on Collector’s Weekly right now where I talk about the preservative powers of gelatin, torturing Tom and what it’s like eating a liver mousse. 

Shrimp Aspic Mold001

I have to admit, when I read the interview I didn’t really like the way I sounded. Does that ever happen to you, where you listen to yourself talking and think, “Really? That’s really how I sound?” But Tom thought it was funny, so I guess that means it is a good interview.

Salad Flavored Jello Ad001

One of the questions that I got asked in the interview was if I had ever tried any of the savory flavors of gelatin.  I had to admit that I hadn’t ever tried them. I am not sure when the last year of production was for these flavors, but I can’t ever remember my mom feeding them to us when we were kids.

Did anyone ever try any of these flavors? If you have, let me know in the comments because I am interested to know what they tasted like. Especially the celery!