By RetroRuth

Exciting news!!! You may have already seen this magazine or seen the post I did about this on my other blog, but I am pretty excited so I am repeating myself.

I was interviewed for a little blurb in the current Flea Market Style magazine!


It is just a little one-page story in the front where I talk about the hows and heck-whys of collecting vintage cookbooks, but it turned out so incredibly cute.


And if you haven’t seen this magazine before, you should totally go out and get yourself one. It’s basically like the Better Homes and Gardens of vintage lifestyle!


I was able to find the magazine at my local grocery store (Kroeger), but readers have been writing in and telling me that they’ve seen them at Lowe’s and Home Depot as well. But if you have no luck finding them “in the wild” you can always order them online here! So, go forth and read! You will thank me, I promise.