Our friend Bryan at Kooky Chow has a sweet new cookbook out just in time for the holiday gift-giving season (hint, hint in-laws!).  To celebrate this collection of cooking curiosities, Kooky Chow has this kooky … ahem… video.  It’s super wicked awesome cool.

Kooky Cookery from Bread Wig on Vimeo.


All this talk (or writing, at least) has led me to compile a list of my favorite fun* cookbooks for the aspiring midcentury cook.

America’s Best Lost Recipes by the Editors of Cook’s Country Magazine


This cookbook is a product of a contest sponsored by Cook’s Country Magazine for the best heirloom recipe.


Kooky Cookery: An archive of irregular recipes from yesteryear by Bryan Ballinger



Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book

BC 1st

The most comprehensive vintage cookbook I’ve ever seen.  There are picture tutorials for everything from cutting avocados to making boiled frosting.


The Southern Cook Book by Marion Brown


A great southern classic that’s still in print!


Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child


Her name sounds familiar…


Square Meals: America’s Favorite Comfort Cookbook by Jane and Michael Stern


A compilation of vintage cookbook recipes from the authors of Road Food.


There’s my not entirely comprehensive list.  Have I missed any?

*Warning: eating recipes from these cookbooks may not actually be fun