Exciting news, guys!  I am going to be on the radio! Tomorrow morning, (April 5th) I am going to be on the Joy Cardin show on Wisconsin Public Radio starting at 8:00 am Central Time for an hour chatting about vintage recipes, lamb cake and The Mid-Century Menu. It is going to be a call-in show, so if you have any burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask me, feel free to call in and chat with me!

I am also going to be on a local radio station, Delta College Public Radio, on Friday, April 6th at 9:00 am Eastern Time. This segment was pre-recorded, so no call-ins, but I still had a great time doing the interview with Anita and Howard in the studio:


And it also gave me a chance to check out this awesome vintage camera in the lobby:



Hope you listen in to the programs!