By RetroRuth

Welcome back to Vintage Cocktail Friday! This week we are finishing up our Wallbanger vs. Harvey Wallbanger comparison by making and drinking a Harvey Wallbanger!

If only more of life’s challenges could be solved by having a drink.



Harvey Wallbanger, 1970
  • Orange juice
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz Galliano
  1. Fill tall glass with ice cubes. Fill 3/4 full of orange juice and add vodka. Stir. Float Galliano on top.


If you saw last week’s Wallbanger post, you already know what is going on here, but for those of you who missed it:

Since Tom is such a great sport testing out creepy gelatins for the blog, I thought we would do an experiment he has been interested in doing for a while. So these posts compare a regular Wallbanger cocktail to a Harvey Wallbanger!



“How is it?”

“Really good! Surprisingly different from the Wallbanger.”

The Verdict: Great

From The Testing Notes –

This drink actually tastes different from the Wallbanger. The anise flavor is more muted, and vanilla is actually the dominant flavor in the Harvey Wallbanger (besides the orange juice). The mellower anise flavor almost disappears into the orange juice in this drink compared to the very strong anise flavor of the Wallbanger. Overall, I preferred the Harvey Wallbanger, but I wouldn’t turn down either of these drinks. Both are considerably better than a plain screwdriver.

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