Happy Halloween, Everyone! Today we have a special edition of the Mid-Century Menu for you, that couldn’t wait until Wednesday.

And what couldn’t wait? Well, we have Halloween Party Treats from Betty Crocker! Here is some Halloween Punch, Cocoa Marshmallow Bars and  Goblin Franks!


Betty Crocker Halloween Party002


Betty Crocker Halloween Party004


Betty Crocker Halloween Party001


Yeah. I was kinda disappointed to find out that the Cocoa Marshmallow Bars were just Rice Krispy Treats made with Cocoa Puffs. I hope you aren’t too let down.

But then I had an excuse to buy Cocoa Puffs again and then eat them after they’ve been drenched in marshmallow. Suddenly, things starting looking up.

By the way, Tom and I had just finished painting our bedroom, so he was really, really thirsty.


Gone in one gulp.

“How is it?”

“Good.” He made a face, “Tastes like orange juice and ginger ale mixed together. Because apparently orange juice isn’t acidic enough on it’s own.”

Then it was time for the Goblin Franks. Which



don’t look much like Goblins, incidentally. Maybe I should have made better fork marks on them?


“These are dry.”

“Give me that.” I snatched it out of his hand and took a bite. “Huh. It is dry.”


“It doesn’t taste like a corndog.”


“It tastes like a hot dog rolled in pie crust.”

Sigh. “Yeah.”


“What do you think it tastes like? These things are good.”

The Verdict:

Halloween Punch: Good.

Goblin Franks: Dry. I ended up peeling most of the Goblin part off my frank. Even with ketchup it was hard to get down.

Cocoa Marshmallow Bars: Awesome. As we expected.

Have a Happy Halloween!