Who is ready for some good news? I’m ready for some freaking good news.

It. Is. Lamb Cake Time!!!!!

I know everyone is having a tough time right now, and most of us are stuck at home staring at our kids, spouses, cats or plants with nowhere to go and only our feeble brains to entertain us, so let’s dust off those cooking skills and make some lambs!! You can be as plain or fancy as you want, and because I know that people are having issues getting ingredients in some places, this year I am accepting lambs of all types, not just cake. So make one of bread, banana bread, gelatin, cereal treats, butter, meatloaf, tears, booze, I will take them all!

So send me your 2020 Lamb Cake photos so I can post them here on the blog for everyone to see AND to be entered in a random drawing! There will be all kinds of prizes happening, I don’t even know how many yet. Because another great announcement is that this year the lamb cake contest is happening:

In partnership with Karen and Jennye from The Mid-Century Supper Club Potluck!!!


That’s right! Wave your excited Kermit arms and dance a jig, because Karen and Jennye are here to judge your lamb cakes. You can check out their excellent Facebook Page here.


They just finished their Quarantine Potluck, and the Winner was April with her adorable flower cut-up cake!



Another really good piece of news: The Merch shop is back up and running!!!!


So if you want to get a super-spiffy Easter outfit to wear around your living room, now you can! Just like Tom!

Seriously, though. I’m excited because I am going to be giving out merch from the shop as prizes for this year’s Lamb Cake Contest. Speaking of…..

And now THE RULES:

Deadline for photo submission is May 1, 2020 at midnight Eastern Time. A picture of your lamb should be messaged to me through the Mid-Century Menu Facebook page or emailed to ruth@midcenturymenu.com . (Just tagging on social media accounts doesn’t count). I will acknowledge receipt of your submission with my private email or with a Facebook message. Anything lamb-shaped is accepted as an entry for the giveaway (Cake, gelatin, bread, cereal treats, popcorn, butter).  Winners will be chosen with a random drawing, other winners will be chosen in categories of our choosing. You can send in as many lamb cake photos from this year as you want! Good Luck!

So, here we go!

Start here with the Lamb Pan Video Tutorial! Alex helped me make it, and it turned out pretty darn adorable. I *may* have cried a little when it was done.

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Then go here for the written tutorial:

Lamb Cake Tutorial 2

And then pick a cake:

Cake Mix Lamb Cake

This Sour Cream Cake Mix lamb cake is super easy and was a favorite of Alex!

The Chocolate Pound Cake Lamb was a bit sweet, but it was moist and dense and unmolded well.

Tom’s favorite lamb cake:

The Pope Family Lamb cake has a caramel and butter flavor and is dense but moist. It also has a great pound cake texture!

My favorite lambie:

The Renalde Lamb Cake is light and fluffy, with a great bouncy texture and good flavor. I love it!

Oh, and here is a frosting recipe that is highly requested:

Creamy Whipped Frosting (aka High Humidity Buttercream)

From Mail Box News from Maid of Scandinavia

1 1/2 cups high ratio shortening (available through mail order) or regular shortening

2 T dry Dream Whip Powder

1 T Vanilla

3-4 T unsifted flour

2/3-3/4 cup milk (lesser amount in hot weather)

2 lbs confectioner’s sugar

Blend shortening, Dream Whip Powder and flavoring in large bowl. Beat until light and fluffy like stiff whipped cream. Then add flour, milk and confectioner’s sugar. Beat until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use.

If you need some decorating inspiration, you can check out the previous Reader Galleries from 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 .

Also, feel free to ask any questions below in the comments, send me an email ( ruth@midcenturymenu.com ) at any time or message me through our Facebook page if you are having trouble with your lamb cake and I will try my best to help you out. And I am sure other readers will also be able to pitch in as well. I usually try to answer questions as quickly as I can up until Easter day, so if you have a question on Saturday at midnight feel free to ask, because chances are you will get an answer.

Good luck and have lots and lots of fun!

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It. Is. LAMB CAKE TIME!!!!!!