Well, I threatened to show you guys the rest of the tested recipes from the gelatin contest, and if you know me at all you know that I always make good on my threats.

Wait. Promises. I mean, I always make good on my promises.

Anyway, this freaky looking pie is Barbecue Cheese Cracker Pie, and it was submitted by both Cat and Yinzerella.

Who apparently both hate me.


Or maybe they hate Tom.

Cat writes:

Hi Ruth!

I am so excited you are running another contest! I dipped into my ever-growing stash of mid-century cookbooks and came out with 2 winners I hope. They aren’t so much disgusting as they are odd. I have both a savory and a sweet entry. Both are from the Joys of Jello, the 1st printing from 1963.

I think my favorite is the Barbecue Salad. The thought of adding cubes of Jello to a perfectly good salad just seems so… weird. The cheese pie, which is a variation from the same recipe is odd too, but the BBQ cubes on a salad are what I love the most.

Thanks for the great blogs! I am an avid reader, fan on FB, etc.


Cat from Michigan


Yinzerella (from Dinner is Served, 1972, by the way) is a little more direct. She writes:

Hi Ruth.

I have attached a recipe from my Joys of Jell-o called “Barbecue Salad.”  Do the Barbecue Cheese Cracker Pie version. Cheese cracker crumbs–does that mean Cheez-its? I want to see Tom eat this thing.

Happy molding and unmolding



In the end, we decided to go with the pie version. Because, come on, who doesn’t love pie?


This is a pile of crushed up Cheez-its that are going to become the crust, which is probably the most fun thing about this pie.


I mean, look at it. Cheez-It crust! How cute is that.


To bad we had to fill it with a brown gelatin mess.

Brown!! It’s brown. How many times have you seen brown gelatin? Probably once, right here. And if God is merciful, you won’t have to see it again.

If you are curious, the brown is because I used lime gelatin instead of lemon-lime as was recommended. I figured adding lemon juice to it would make it lemon-lime. Who knew that it would turn brown? Not me, that’s for sure.


And this is Tom ruining my artistic shot where I try to show you what the texture of the pie is.  But I can’t really blame him, since the shot was ruined by the scary pie anyway.

But Tom appreciated the artistic-ness of the pie, so that is what counts.

“So….what’s with the olives?”

“They are pretty cute, huh? I thought it was a good touch.”

“It’s some touch, all right. Some touch.”

“Why do you keep sighing?”

“Because…sigh…I’m…appreciating the olive garnish.”

“I knew you would like it.”

Tom TastingIMG_9029

The Verdict: Not horrible, but not good.

From Tom’s Testing Notes:

A gelatin Virgin Mary, and not a good one. Definitely needs some vodka. Cheez-Its are a waste on this thing. Crust tastes like nothing.

Thanks for sending in the scary pie, Cat and Yinzerella! It was fun!

Huh. Maybe I should have saved this one for Halloween?  Nahhh…I think I can come up with something scarier than this!