So, I’ve been threatening to do this for a few years now, but I finally went ahead and did it yesterday.


I made Soup Cakes!


This recipe is from a 1959 Aunt Jemima pamphlet entitled Pancakes Unlimited. We used this a few years ago to make some pancakes with chocolate milk, so I know they aren’t completely off their rocker. Based on that, I thought this recipe might deserve a legit try.

Now, before we go all crazy with this, I just have to clarify one thing. I DID NOT use pancake mix with this. I might have broken all kinds of rules by doing that, but I had Bisquick on hand, and so that is what I used. I’m not sure how much using pancake mix would change this, but by all means feel free to give it a try.


I had originally planned on making an actual soup recipe for this week, but Alex was very cutely insistent that she wanted to make the recipe this week, so I had to do some shuffling and come up with something that she could make. After reading a comment on the Facebook page that someone was excited to see me make these, the light bulb went on and it was decided.


Plus, it was a weeknight and I needed an easy recipe. And nothing is easier than mixing soup with baking mix. And I was really curious about these. After all, the chicken soup cornbread had been a complete disaster, so I was really curious to test this one out to see if it would be better or worse.




“Yup, these are fine. Actually, I think they might be good.”

The Verdict: Actually Good

Despite how crazy these are when you look at the photo, when you get down to it they taste pretty good. I’m not sure how these would be if you used cream of mushroom soup, but the cream of chicken soup version ends up tasting like creamy chicken with dumplings. Or like chicken and biscuits. It doesn’t really taste like chicken and waffles to me because the pancakes weren’t really sweet. It was pretty much savory all the way. Which I was totally happy with. The pancakes themselves were on the custard-y side rather than being fluffy and cakey. It was a good texture and reminded me more of quiche than of a pancake. Two side notes on this one: 1. My kids loved these. TJ ate two whole pancakes by himself and was sad when we ran out and he had to just eat vegetables. Alex was also sad when we ran out and I had to promise to make them again this weekend. 2. I made some cranberry orange relish to go with these as suggested in the recipe and it was nasty together. They kind of flew too close to the sun with that suggestion. If you make these pancakes, just eat them with the extra soup “gravy” and don’t bother with the cranberry relish.