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Happy Memorial Day From The Mid-Century Menu!

Celebrate with pie! From Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook « Previous Saran...

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Mid-Century Brunch – 1956

From Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook, 1956 « Previous Tuna Pizza –...

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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Mid-Century Menu!

From Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday Cookbook Frozen Valentine Rounds (pictured on the bottom) ...

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Shrimp Christmas Tree – 1971

  From The Beta Sigma Phi Holiday Cookbook, 1971 « Previous Potato Candy...

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Chocolate Marshmallow Punch – 1971

From The Beta Sigma Phi International Holiday Cookbook, 1971 « Previous Jellied...

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Snowman Cut-Up Cake – 1975

From Turn Cool Whip Into Great Holiday Desserts, 1975 « Previous Happy Thanksgiving...

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Mid-Century Menu!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Here’s hoping everyone’s table is laden with a variety of holiday yumminess...

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Gondolier’s Hero Sandwiches – 1973

From Dinner is Served, 1973 « Previous Goblin Franks, Halloween Punch And Cocoa...

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Grasshopper Pie from Grand River Inn in Grand Haven, Michigan – 1975

From Better Homes and Gardens, Recipes from Famous Places, 1975 « Previous Herb...

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Stuffed Beef Heart – 1968

To stuff a heart, remove the hard parts. Close the slit with metal skewers, then lace and tie with string...

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