Swingin’ Summer Salad, 1971 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

If you have ever wanted to turn a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner into a summer salad, then this is...

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Spaghetti Subs – A Retro Recipe Test

Okay, okay. You got me. This post is NOT about gelatin.  I have to admit that the gelatin contest has...

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Delicious Thirty Minute Sauce From Luccioni’s – Too Good Tuesdays

Luccioni’s, noted for its fine Italian food, has been in the same location in downtown Cleveland...

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Stuffed Shells Neapolitan

More tuna! From Campbell’s Most-For-The-Money Main Dishes, 1975. « Previous Sweet-Sour...

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Spaghetti Bake

Welcome to another fun episode of the Mid-Century Menu. This week we picked a recipe from The Day Before...

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American Lasagne

Hello, All!!! We have a fun recipe to try out today. This week we are cooking from Food From Famous...

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Spaghetti With Eggs

Whew. How’s your week been? Here at the Mid-Century Menu, things have been a little crazy. Maybe it...

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Macaroni Stroganoff

Hello all my little Mid-Modlets! It is that spine-tinglingly, lip-smackingly exciting time again! You...

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Mexican Spaghetti

Welcome again to another exciting, spine-tingling episode of the Mid-Century Menu.  This is a great...

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