Mueller Tested Recipes001

Whew. How’s your week been? Here at the Mid-Century Menu, things have been a little crazy. Maybe it is spring, or a full moon or something, but things here have just been going wrong left and right.   I am just glad that we got the computer back.  We got the same virus TWICE in one week. Can you believe that??

Anyway, after all the craziness, it just seemed too much to come up with a disgusting Mid-Century Menu. So we just decided to go with something that was unusual.

This week’s Menu comes from Mueller’s Tested & Proven Recipes, published in 1930. This is the cookbook that brought us Macaroni with Peanut Butter, which was gross and weird. But I am ever optimistic.  I knew that Mueller’s needed a second chance.  And this was a great week for second chances.  After all, the virus took over our computer even faster the second time around!

I know. Nice, huh?


Mueller Tested Recipes002

Anyway, I thought Spaghetti and Eggs looked intriguing. Almost like inside-out mac & cheese. Or, deconstructed macaroni and cheese, if you want to be all fancy.


And thanks to Tom, who cut down an old egg carton so my eggs wouldn’t roll all over the counter and smash on the floor.

Which has happened before while I’ve been taking pictures.


As an even bigger twist to this dish, I served it for brunch, which I thought was kind of fun.


So, it is really hard to get spaghetti into a custard cup. Can you see the little rogue one in the background?


I got the hang of it after the first three, and started twisting it around the fork before trying to jam it into a cup.


Making white sauce, which is the backbone of ALL mid-century cooking.


How do you like the double-boiler??? It’s a recent gift (thanks, Ma!) after she noticed me cooking without it on the blog.

Yeah, sometimes this blog is good for more than ranting.


A rare picture in which my kitchen floor is actually clean!


Melting the cheese into the sauce, which didn’t want to melt for some reason.  That is what I get for using cheap cheese.



You know, this actually looks kind of good!



Fresh from the oven, and plated with grapefruit.


Tom, digging in to his breakfast.


“So, is it good?”


“Wait…where are you going?”


“Pepper. It needs tons of pepper.”

The Verdict: Good. The eggs that weren’t completely cooked through tasted the best with the spaghetti, but that probably is a matter of taste.  It was different and fun, and, as the recipe recommends, it would be a great recipe for kids. Especially for breakfast, to shake things up!