Chicken Cornetti – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

A mid-century recipe is just slightly more fun with a strange name. This, for example, looks like “insane...

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Deep Dish Chicken and Potato Pie – 1950

From State of Maine Potato Cookbook, 1950 « Previous Pickle and Pineapple Salad...

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Rock Cornish Hens With Chip Stuffing

From Prize-Winning Recipes Starring Potato Chips, approx. 1965. « Previous Pie...

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Deluxe Hot Chicken Salad

What can I say?  Sometimes the Mid-Century Menu is just good, clean fun. Well, most of the time it’s...

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Noodle Ring 038

Noodle Ring Filled With Creamed Chicken

Welcome to this week’s Mid-Century Menu! After last week’s Jellied Egg debacle, I am happy...

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Squirt Chicken 014

Squirt Chicken Barbecue

Welcome to this week’s Mid-Century Menu! For those of you who don’t know, this is my favorite...

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