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Potato Brownies, 1967 – A Vintage Recipe Test

What was that? You say you aren’t getting enough desserts these days?  Well, then let’s make some...

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12 Vintage Christmas Cookies For Your Holiday Plate!

It’s Christmas week! I hope everyone is getting their bake on. And to help you out, I am going to be...

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Coconut Top Hats, 1977 – A Vintage Christmas Cookie Recipe Tests

It’s Christmas time, so let’s make some cookies! And since we are making vintage cookies here, let’s...

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Brownie S’mores With Easy Red, White and Blue Marshmallows – An Independence Day Vintage Recipe Re-Run

If you love S’mores, you are going to love this fun version made with brownies! We are trying to get...

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Gumdrop Jumbos: The Secret Ingredient is Ketchup! – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

I know, I know. Another recipe from the archives! But I just made these cookies this week for Alex. I added...

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Rhubarb Custard Dessert –A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Here in Michigan it is now rhubarb season, so we are going to make a rhubarb dessert that is not rhubarb...

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Butter Cookie Cut-Outs – A Vintage Holiday Recipe Test

Today we have a bit of a recipe mash-up between vintage and modern, but since it involves cookies I am...

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Frosted Chocolate Drop Cookies, 1940 –A Vintage Christmas Cookie Recipe Test

This year I had a whole plateful of 1940’s cookies planned for testing. Unfortunately, seasonal sickness...

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12 Vintage Christmas Cookies For Your Holiday Plate!

The fantastic and furious Christmas season is upon us! I should feel guilty for busting out the cookies...

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