Chocolate Bon-Bons, 1960 – A Vintage Christmas Recipe Test

So, who’s excited for Christmas? I am. And to celebrate, I made a candy that did NOT photograph well....

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Beef Fudge,1967 – A Vintage Recipe Test

So, this week I listened to some crazy people on the Mid-Century Menu Facebook page and added some leftover...

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Never-Fail Fudge – A Mid-Century Christmas Recipe Re-Run

Who needs an easy and delicious vintage fudge recipe for the holiday? This is one of my favorite candy...

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Peanut Butter Gelatin Squares, 1950–A Mid-Century Recipe Test

Because I have nothing better to do and I enjoy hands-on gelatin research, this week I decided to mix...

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Never-Fail Fudge, 1959 – The Five Days of Fudge Vintage Recipe Test

This week we are posting a recipe that we know is an old favorite! This is Never-Fail Fudge! 5.0...

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Philly Fudge, 1951 – The Five Days of Vintage Fudge

It’s time for more Christmas fudge! This is “Philly” Fudge! Print Chocolate Philly Fudge...

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Magic Chocolate French Fudge, 1973 – Five Days of Fudge Vintage Holiday Recipe Test

‘Tis the season! The season for fudge, that is. I have been setting aside vintage fudge recipes I’ve...

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Fiesta Candies – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

Feeling festive? Here’s a quick and easy candy for your next fiesta. Well, it’s easy at...

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Cheerios Toffee – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

This doesn’t look too fancy. And I wasn’t actually expecting very much from it. How much...

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